NABU, SSU expose a string of russian agents

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau, together with the Security Service of Ukraine, has exposed a number of persons involved in subversive activities against Ukraine on the territory of Kyiv on behalf of representatives of the russian federation.


Thanks to the work of NABU analysts and detectives, it became possible to identify enemy agents and their whereabouts and seize equipment with valuable information and evidence. The criminal group included members of a pro-Russian NGO. They collected data on the relocation of Ukraine's military equipment and deployments of territorial defense units.


Despite the martial law, NABU and SAPO continue bringing perpetrators to justice. Although active investigative actions are somewhat complicated at present, there are other tasks within the criminal process that NABU officers successfully perform.


NABU has also started recording the testimony of witnesses of russian war crimes in Luhansk and Donetsk regions. If you have such information and are ready to share it, write or call us at +38 097 072 42 76 (available on WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal messengers).


Information about the facts of russia's military aggression in Ukraine can also be reported on by filling out a respective form. This is the main platform for gathering evidence of russia's war crimes