NABU clears enemy explosives in Kharkiv region

Personnel of NABU's Special Operations Department, who have the skills of sappers, have been involved in demining the territory of the Kharkiv region for the third month in a row.

In July, they explored about 20 km of roads and roadsides, found and neutralized:

  • 41 MLRS missile warheads;
  • 9 122mm artillery shells;
  • 5 anti-personnel and 11 anti-tank mines;
  • 11 grenade launcher projectiles.

In July, NABU employees also searched more than 90 hectares of land for explosives and mines, including the territory and buildings of the National Pharmacological University.

As reported, in May and June, NABU deminers also took part in the clearance of the Kharkiv region.