Launching a forensic unit and expanding NABU’s staff are crucial — Semen Kryvonos at SACP presentation

The need to raise the number of detectives is predetermined by the challenges that Ukraine will face during its reconstruction. This was stressed by Director of the National Bureau Semen Kryvonos during the presentation of the State Anti-Corruption Program on April 5, 2023.

“Anti-corruption agencies should be ready to prevent graft and effectively investigate possible abuses. Therefore, it is extremely important to increase the number of NABU employees and establish a forensic unit within the Bureau,” he emphasized.

According to the NABU Director, these issues are a requirement of the time.

“We are drafting relevant amendments to the law,” Semen Kryvonos said.

Finally, he added it is up to Ukrainians to evaluate the effectiveness of anti-corruption agencies: “Society has the right to judge the effectiveness of anti-corruption bodies because it is the main consumer of this reform. The mood of the Ukrainian society is the key marker of the effectiveness of this reform.”


The State Anti-Corruption Program for 2023-2025 is aimed at reducing the level of corruption in the country and its economic, social, and political spheres. The systemic interaction between public authorities and law enforcement agencies, coordination of anti-corruption institutions, and changes in legislation will help to achieve the SACP objectives.

The SACP presentation was organized by NACP jointly with the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative in Ukraine.