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NABU adapts to work under war conditions: discussion

A full-scale russian invasion changed the lives of the entire country and affected the work of state institutions. The anti-corruption agencies were ready to face these challenges: they successfully adapted their work to a new reality and continued to fight corruption. After all, effective anti-corruption efforts is what Ukraine is required as a potential candidate for EU membership.

Effective fight against corruption is based on strong anti-corruption agencies, political will, and public control, - Artem Sytnyk

The anti-corruption reform in Ukraine, launched in 2014 after the Revolution of Dignity, has proven that the victory over corruption is only possible with its effective prevention, fair punishment for crimes, political will and constant public control. This was emphasized by Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine Artem Sytnyk during the conference "7 Years of Anti-Corruption Reforms: Challenges and Results", which took place on Dec. 9, 2021 in Kyiv.

HACC passes first prison sentence under plea deal

On Oct. 28, 2021, the High Anti-Corruption Court approved a plea deal, sentencing the former head of a branch of JSC "State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine" to 3.5 years in prison. The sentenced has also been stripped of the right to hold certain posts for 3 years and must pay a fine. This is for the first time in HACC's history, when a person has got a real prison term after a plea deal and not a suspended sentence.

Trial of the "Rotterdam+ formula" case requires an impartial prosecutor

On November 18, 2020, the judges of the Court of Appeal of the High Anti-Corruption Court closed the proceeding opened on the complaint of the SAPO prosecutor against the decision of the HACC. Earlier the HACC has decided to reopen the "Rotterdam+ formula" case. The interests of society can be protected only with impartial procedural guidance in the case.