Cross-border corruption: British law enforcers contribute to NABU's investigation

On April 25, 2023, NABU joined investigative actions conducted by colleagues from the UK's National Crime Agency at the request of detectives with the approval of SAPO under the international legal assistance tool. Such interaction is an example of the effective use of international legal cooperation and information exchange. As a result, detectives obtained evidence crucial for an investigation.

Investigative actions were sanctioned and carried out as part of the inquiry into a criminal organization exposed in the fall of 2021. 10 persons are suspected of illegally appropriating the assets of a city territorial community and money laundering.

All this became possible due to the Memorandum on Cooperation signed between NABU and the NCA in April 2021 with an aim to exchange information to combat organized crime. The National Bureau is sincerely grateful to its British counterparts for their contribution.