Independence, effectiveness of Ukraine's anti-corruption system are the right signals for both Europe and Germany — Semen Kryvonos

A meeting with the NABU, SAPO's leadership, and the Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Annalena Baerbock, took place at the National Bureau. The meeting was also attended by the head of the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative and the chairman of the Anti-Corruption Action Center's board.

NABU's Director Semen Kryvonos dwelled on the history of the Bureau and its core principles of operation. "Independence and effectiveness of anti-corruption agencies are the two indicators closely monitored by our international partners. The fight against corruption is not only a critically important direction during times of war. The pace of Ukraine's recovery after victory will depend on the successful implementation of our anti-corruption strategy. Therefore, this visit is so crucial for us," noted NABU's chief.

According to him, recent anti-corruption cases, such as the exposure of the former beneficial owner of PrivatBank, who embezzled more than UAH 9.2 billion of the bank's funds and the revelation of corruption in the Supreme Court, demonstrate Ukraine's commitment to the right direction.

The participants of the meeting also paid special attention to the work of the National Bureau which requires the support of international partners and the government. This includes expanding the staff of the Bureau and establishing an autonomous forensic institution.