314 accused persons and 149 suspects - the results of February 2019

As of February 28, 2019, the Detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine investigate 692 criminal proceedings. Within the pre-trial investigations, 149 persons were given notices of suspicion. As of 314 persons the investigations were completed and indictments were sent to courts.

During February the NABU Detectives under the procedural guidance of prosecutors of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office (SAPO) gave notices of suspicion to:

- three persons (including ex-Director General of the State Enterprise (SE) "Ukrainian Television Film Studio “Ukrtelefilm") in the causing 68.72 mln UAH damage to the SE;

- Deputy of the Kyiv City Council (who is also known as the ex-secretary of the Land Commission) of misappropriation of six land plots and 19.5 million UAH illegal enrichment. However, due to the decision of the Constitutional Court on declaring Article 368-2 of the Criminal Code unconstitutional, the proceedings in this part will be terminated. In case of returning the relevant article to the Criminal Code, it will be impossible to start investigation as of the same facts again, because the law has no retroactive effect. Therefore, the assets of public officials that exceed their official income will be recognized as legal.

The number of completed criminal proceedings, in which the indictments or motions for release from criminal liability sent to courts increased to 189. In February, a number of resonant cases were sent to courts, among which there are:

- case as of the Member of Parliament (MP) of Ukraine of Ukraine – organizer of the so-called "gas scheme" Oleksandr Onyshchenko and as of the Financial Director of the companies controlled by the MP was sent to court. Due to the fact that the accused persons fled Ukraine, they will be judged in absentia;

- case as of two persons involved in 6.4 million EUR embezzlement of the SE “National Nuclear Power Generation Company (NNPGC) “Energoatom”;

- case as of the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, who is accused of illegal enrichment and failure to declare income. After the decision of the Constitutional Court, the Minister will be accused only of the failure to declare income. The maximum punishment under this Article is a fine or imprisonment up to 2 years (the Article 368-2 provided for maximum punishment in the form of imprisonment up to 10 years);

- case as of a former officer of the Security Service of Ukraine, who demanded 50 thousand USD of improper advantage from a private entrepreneur;

- case as of the former Head of the Capital Construction Department of one of the Regional State Administration in the Western Region involved in embezzlement of 2 million UAH allocated for the construction of dugouts in the Joint Forces Operation;

- case as of the Head of the Service for Children and Families of the Kyiv Regional State Administration involved in embezzlement of funds intended for internally displaced person;

- case as of the former Arbitration Manager of the PJSC "Odesa CHP", accused of 28 million UAH embezzlement;

- case as of the fact of the misappropriation of state funds allocated for the reconstruction of the self-discharge and pressure collectors of drainage in Zolotonosha (Cherkasy region).

In addition, during the February the NABU Detectives completed an investigation of a number of criminal proceedings. Including:

- as of a representative of the international Grain Trader involved in causing losses to the PJSC “State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine” in the amount of more than 60 million USD (more than 1.6 billion UAH);

- as of the ex-Director of the SE “Ukrcosmos” and a former External Advisor of the General of the State Space Agency of Ukraine suspected of causing 8.245 million USD damage to the SE “Ukrcosmos”;

- as of the judge of the Court of Appeal of Cherkasy region, exposed on receiving 30 thousand UAH of improper advantage.

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