The NABU minimised risks of corruption and power abuse among its employees – Gizo Uglava

Multi-staged open competition, work of the Internal Control Department and group work of the Bureau's detectives allowed the NABU to minimize risks of corruption and power abuse among its employees. This was announced by Gizo Uglava, the First Deputy Director of the NABU in his interview to the “Novoye Vremya” magazine.

He expressed his belief that corruption risks and offences are eliminated at the stage of competitive selection.

“Competition for position of Bureau's detective consists of five stages. First stage is legislation knowledge test, second – general skills test that helps evaluate the contestant's logical thinking and I.Q. Third stage is psychometric testing. Then – interview and polygraph test, followed by appointment for position. Such complicated procedure helps us select the best candidates,” - emphasized the Bureau's First Deputy Director.

According to him, the fact that detectives work on investigations in groups of 4 or 5, also ensures their incorruptibility.

“This principle provides mutual control and minimizes corruption risks. The Bureau also has the Internal Control Department that monitors the employees' performance and has the power to initiate investigations of the facts of power abuse if necessary,” - pointed out Gizo Uglava.  

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