NABU implements innovations to increase the efficiency of pre-trial investigation

To improve the efficiency of pre-trial investigation the National Bureau implements criminal process innovations such as transforming paper-based criminal procedure into electronic format, using procedural interview methodic, and standardization of pre-trial investigation. The Criminal Investigation Standards efficiency was the subject of discussion at NABU that took place on July 22, 2021. 

“The idea of creating Criminal Investigation Standards manual arose when we tried to look into the detention and understand if it was legal. The Standards set out a balanced and justified approach to the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine. Moreover, it gives the clear pision of roles and functions among the participants in criminal proceedings," emphasized the head of the Department of the Prosecutor General`s Office, one of the co-authors of the Standards Yuriy Byelousov.

Among the co-authors of the Standards, there were NABU Detectives, representatives of the prosecutor's office, the National Police, the National Agency on Corruption Prevention, and experts. The purpose of the Standards is to distinguish between the roles of investigator/detective and prosecutor at the pre-trial investigation stage. Thus the prosecutor orients the process of gathering evidence, taking into account the judicial perspective; the investigator/detective is responsible for events reconstruction and the organization of the evidence collection process.

Head of a NABU Detectives Unit and manual`s co-author Denys Gulmagomedov stressed that the team decided not to limit themselves to the printed textbook.

“We`ve developed a mobile application for iOS and Android. So criminal proceedings participants have access to the information they need at any time,” Gulmagomedov said. He added that the app allows choosing the role of investigator, prosecutor or investigating judge and downloading samples of all procedural documents they need.

NABU Detectives and SAPO Prosecutors, participants of the JustLearn training program, shared their impressions of the implementation of the Standards.

“Every specialist tries to organize work and improve professional activity. The Standards clearly define the roles and areas of responsibility of pre-trial investigation participants, simplify their interaction, offer best practices, and ensure coherence in specific practical issues,” said NABU Detective Viktoriia.

SAPO Prosecutor Anastasiia Andronova highlighted the importance of communication between investigator and prosecutor. “Prosecutor should be involved in the probe not only in the courtroom but at the planning stage of the investigation. The effectiveness of the interaction in criminal proceedings directly depends on how the participants agree to organize their work. Overall, we have a common goal — to investigate cases and carry out the prosecution functions properly”.

The discussion took place at the initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation.