NABU identified persons recorded on video near Central Synagogue of Kyiv


This week media published a video that allegedly recorded «visual surveillance of the building of the Synagogue in Kyiv by the NABU undercover agents». In order to avoid any speculation and the further dissemination of false information, we emphasized that the National Bureau did not set up any devices for the secret disassembly of information in the premises of the Central Synagogue of Kyiv and didn’t carried out visual surveillance of the building.

The National Bureau examined the video, published on the Internet, and found out who exactly was recorded on it. Persons (mentioned in the media as the «NABU undercover agents») were found to be employees of another Ukrainian law-enforcement agency.


In order to maintain confidence in the law enforcement system of Ukraine, the National Bureau will not mention a name to which agency these persons belong.

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine asks not to share false information. We also demand to refute the information on any involvement of the NABU in the so-called «visual surveillance» of the Synagogue and pressure on the Jewish community in Kyiv.

The National Bureau does not object to have a meeting with representatives of the Synagogue to discuss the abovementioned situation.

It should be reminded that on October 30, 2018, the official statement of the Chief Rabbi of Ukraine regarding the discovering of the listening devices at the Synagogue and allegedly undercover actions as of the faithful was published. It was mentioned that «competent sources» provided the Jewish community with information that the persons who conducted video surveillance «are allegedly related to the NABU». This false information has been widely disseminated by a number of media and some persons.

We emphasized that in the focus of the NABU investigations there are activities of Ukrainian top-officials, regardless of their affiliation with religious or any other community.

The NABU carries out its activities exclusively in the legal field, observing all requirements of the legislation. Respect and observance of human and civil rights and freedoms are the main principles of activities of the National Bureau, where there no place for xenophobia, national or religious intolerance and hostility.