The NABU took into custody the official who had organized the embezzlement of “Kyoto” finances

On May 16 the detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine took into custody the Secretary of Committee on state procurement of the state enterprise “Ukrainian ecological investments” on suspicion of the attempted embezzlement of public funds obtained under Kyoto protocol (part 2 of Article 15 and part 5 of Article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

During the investigation it was established that the abovementioned official being in conspiracy with a group of people organized the purchase of fake business entities and provided their victory while carrying out public procurement procedures for the reconstruction of lighting networks in the amount of 480 million UAH.

The tender required a capital repair of lighting networks by replacing the incandescent lamps with the ones based on LED-technologies.

As of now the investigation of the criminal proceeding is still in progress; all partners in crime are being identified. The Secretary of the Committee has been given a notice of suspicion. A request to court to choose a preventive measure is being prepared.

It should be reminded that as a result of NABU’s analytical work on January 13, 2016, the fact of the attempted  large-scale embezzlement of public funds was registered in the Unified Register of the Pre-Trial Investigations according to the part 2 of Article 15 and part 5 of Article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.