Internal investigation as of the facts published in journalistic investigation regarding the NABU employees has been completed

Internal Control Department (hereinafter – ICD) of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine has completed investigation as of the facts of alleged misdeeds of NABU employees contained in the correspondence aired in TV program BIHUS.INFO. The results of the investigation were communicated to the Disciplinary Commission, which will decide on the occurrence of disciplinary offence in the actions of NABU employees.

ICD started the mentioned internal investigation on March 5, 2019, at the initiative of NABU First Deputy Director. During the investigation, NABU Director suspended three NABU employees, mentioned in the correspondence, from their duties, namely, Head of Main Detectives Unit and two Detectives of the same Unit.

ICD will send report as of investigation results to the State Bureau of Investigation and the National Agency on Corruption Prevention.

For reference

The Disciplinary Commission considers imposing disciplinary penalty on NABU employees. The Commission consists of five people; two of them represent civil society as members of NABU Civil Oversight Council.

Based on ICD internal investigation the Disciplinary Commission draws a conclusion on the presence or absence of disciplinary offence in the actions of NABU employee and the grounds for bringing him to disciplinary liability with specification of recommended type of disciplinary penalty.

NABU Director makes a decision to impose disciplinary penalty based on the conclusion of the Disciplinary Commission. This decision can be appealed in court.