The court refused to raise seizure of the Energomerezha Holding Company assets

On Tuesday, 5 April, Solomyansky district court of Kyiv made a decision not to raise the seizure of assets in the Energomerezha Holding Company bank accounts in the amount of more than 116 million UAH.

The judge considered the arguments of the NABU detectives and refused the company's motion to raise the seizure. 


It should be reminded that on 4 March 2016 the court authorized seizing of the Energomerezha Holding company bank accounts as a part of the investigation of embezzlement of the Zaporizhyaoblenergo OJSC property by its officials. Also at the end of January/beginning of February the NABU filed 5 suits in Kyiv Commercial Court asking to invalidate Claim Assignment Agreements signed with the private firm Energomerezha Holding Company concerning debts of major electricity consumers amounting to more than 346 million UAH, given that 60% of the Zaporizhyaoblenergo OJSC shares belong to the state. Three of the agreements have already been invalidated.


The pre-trial investigation of the criminal proceeding continues. 


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