The system is resisting the NABU's work – A. Sytnyk

The National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine sent materials concerning corruption risks on ten judges to the High Qualification Commission of Judges. Eight of them have successfully passed recertification afterwards. This may be the sign of the system resisting the fight against corruption – said Artem Sytnyk, the NABU director.


“Representatives of the system consolidate their efforts to do everything in their power to obstruct the work of the NABU,” - Artem Sytnyk emphasized in his interview to the “Gazeta po-ukrainsky” newspaper.


According to him, after the fifth judge was taken into custody, there was information leakage on the next three criminal proceedings. 


“I suspect that it was arranged by the judges. The bureau pressed the case, and resistance began,” - pointed out the Bureau's director.


It should be reminded that on 29 March the NABU detectives in cooperation with the National Police officers exposed the judge of the Malynovsky district court of Odesa of receiving improper advantage in the amount of 500 thousand UAH. This was the sixth judge exposed of corruption since the Bureau started its work.


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