ECase MS will help Detectives to shorten the duration of the pre-trial investigation

The benefits and risks of the digitalization of the pre-trial investigation and the introduction of the eCase MS became the main theme of the speech of Nadiia Polkhovska, the Senior NABU Detective and Volodymyr Deulin, the Odesa Territorial Office Director at the Odesa Criminal Law Forum "Zolotyi Dyuk", took place on July 24, 2020.


The Criminal Forum is an annual event organized by the Ukrainian Bar Association and deals with the topical issues in criminal law and procedure.

 “The eCase MS is being implemented at NABU. The system aims to automate the investigation processes, to reduce the cost of print and transfer of the cases, and to make e-documents with digital electronic signature equal the evidence. We expect the system to halve the duration of the investigation,” the Detective said.

The NABU Detectives, the SAPO Prosecutors, the HACC Judges will use the newly created system, as well as Advocates, who get access directly at NABU building. All beneficiaries of the project are interested in the early launch of the eCase MS.

“We are glad that the legal community is ready to cooperate with law enforcement agencies to improve the criminal procedure legislation. We believe that the results of our cooperation will improve the investigation of corruption crimes,” Volodymyr Deulin said.


For reference

The eCase Management System (MS) is developed with the support of the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative in Ukraine to optimize the pre-trial investigation of anti-corruption agencies of Ukraine. The System is integrated with the Unified Register of the Pre-trial Investigations and judicial systems to allow NABU, SAPO and the HACC to interact online.