NABU needs more staff and independent forensic unit: Semen Kryvonos met with Ambassador of Canada

Increasing the number of detectives and forensic experts is one of the key tasks faced by the leadership of the National Bureau, as the number of exposed corruption crimes and the effectiveness of investigations depend on these employees. This was emphasized by NABU Director, Semen Kryvonos, during a meeting with the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine, Larisa Galadza.

"We have a significant shortage of personnel, especially at the operative and technical level, and these are the 'eyes and ears' of the Bureau. We critically lack forensic experts who accompany investigative actions and conduct digital examinations of seized devices. That is why we have decided to cut the number of employees who do not perform the main function of NABU and redistribute these positions in favor of those involved in investigations," said Semen Kryvonos.

He emphasized that these efforts, in particular, are aimed at meeting the urgent demands of society and international partners - exposing "ongoing" corruption. "A significant part of the Bureau's resources will be directed towards uncovering 'ongoing' schemes, that is, the corruption that is happening right now, rather than two to four years ago. For example, like the recent exposure of the Head of the Supreme Court," Semen Kryvonos explained, adding that apart from the judicial sphere, the focus of the Bureau currently includes the tax and customs sectors, tendering and defense procurement.

The NABU Director also emphasized the need for the establishment of an independent forensic unit at NABU, which, according to him, would significantly accelerate investigations and eliminate the risks of bribing experts, influencing the results of expert conclusions, and leakage of information.

"When it comes to expanding the resource base of the National Bureau, it should be understood that it is, above all, an investment in Ukraine. It is also a demonstration to the international community and businesses that they can come and work in Ukraine, and that NABU's cases are solid, and corrupt officials are within the sight of detectives," said Larisa Galadza.