Investigation of corruption in the energy sector is one of NABU's top priorities - Semen Kryvonos

The energy sector is closely related to Ukraine's post-war recovery, and therefore, any manifestations of corruption within it must be nipped in the bud. This point was emphasized by NABU Director Semen Kryvonos during his speech at the Energy of Business forum organized by Forbes Ukraine.

"The future recovery of the country involves significant financial inflows, and thus increased corruption risks, in particularly in the energy sector. That is why the investigation of corruption offenses in the energy sector is one of NABU's top priorities," noted Semen Kryvonos.

He listed the main corruption risks in the energy sector and stressed the importance of eliminating the preconditions for offenses: "Disclosing this or that crime is not an absolute guarantee of reducing the level of corruption. It only treats the symptoms of the ‘disease,’ not its causess. We need deep and systemic changes that will make corruption impossible."

In conclusion, Semen Kryvonos stated that the effective recovery of Ukraine's energy sector is a focal point for Ukraine's partners.

He remarked: "Our international partners are keen on ensuring both transparent recovery of Ukraine and control over the funds allocated for this process. Just an hour ago, I signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Robert Storch, the Pentagon Inspector General, who has been recently appointed as the lead overseer of funds allocated for Ukraine's restoration."