Elimination of top corruption and meeting public demand for justice are top priorities – Semen Kryvonos

The National Bureau, established in the new coordinate system after the victory of the Revolution of Dignity, plays a crucial role in the development of Ukraine as a European state and serves as an example of a new-generation state institution. Eradicating high-level corruption and ensuring the inevitability of punishment are the main priorities in its work, said NABU Director Semen Kryvonos during the conference "Enhancing Regional Security Through Effective Anti-Corruption Agencies" in Sofia (Bulgaria).

In an open discussion with representatives of anti-corruption bodies from several European countries, Semen Kryvonos emphasized that the independence of the National Bureau and its exclusive right to investigate high-level corruption are unique. Since its establishment in 2015, a significant number of corrupt high-ranking officials have been brought to justice, and billions of hryvnias have been returned to the budget, he noted.

Speaking of the uniqueness of the National Bureau, Semen Kryvonos highlighted the existing system of checks and balances, which provides the agency with broad freedom of action and powers, while ensuring control over its work and impartiality. The Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, the High Anti-Corruption Court, the Civil Oversight Council at NABU, and representatives of the general public are key elements of this system, he added.

According to the head of NABU, in contrast to the tools that facilitate effective work by detectives, there are challenges. "The most important among them are independent wiretapping and a forensic institution established as part of the Bureau. Meeting these needs will positively impact the effectiveness and speed of investigations," he emphasized.