Elite cars, real estate instead of 5,000 bulletproof vests for the Armed Forces: three detained in Finland on suspicion of laundering ammunition funds

On March 11, 2024, three persons were detained in the territory of the Republic of Finland for the alleged laundering of Ukraine's MoD funds during the purchase of body armor worth EUR 5.7 million. Besides, an arrest was imposed on the real estate of one of the detainees, a Finnish citizen.

All this became possible thanks to the joint efforts of NABU, SAPO and the National Bureau of Investigation of the Republic of Finland taken within the relevant criminal investigation and under the international legal assistance mechanism.

Among the detainees is a representative of a private company that failed to supply 50 percent of the purchased and fully paid-for body armor to the Ministry of Defense. The detainees spent part of these funds to buy luxury cars and real estate.

The evidence collected will be used by NABU detectives in their own criminal investigation into the misappropriation of funds from the Ministry of Defense during the purchase of body armor. Measures are being taken to ensure compensation for the damages incurred.