Fight against corruption impossible without the united efforts of law enforcement agencies all over the world, Gizo Uglava

“Corruption in the 21st century has become a transnational phenomenon. Therefore, the fight against it is not only the task of a certain state, it is an issue global security,” First Deputy Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine Gizo Uglava said. The panel discussion “Fighting Corruption in the Countries of the Eastern Partnership” within the framework of the VI Annual Conference of the Estonian Center for Eastern Partnership took place in Tallinn on February 8, 2019.

The participants discussed how the focus on the development of the Eastern Partnership countries contributes to reforms in particular states, especially those reforms aimed to reduce corruption; what are the successes stories of the Eastern Partnership countries and what does society anticipate in combating corruption.

The VI Annual Conference was organized by the Estonian Center for the Eastern Partnership in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia and the European Commission Representation in Tallinn. The key topics of the event were the fight against corruption and the development of regional media.