We must rebuild Ukraine and continue to eradicate corruption - Gizo Uglava

Strengthening the interdepartmental and international cooperation between the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and the European Investment Bank is particularly important at the moment since large financing is coming to Ukraine to support it during the war. This was noted by Gizo Uglava during a meeting with representatives of the European Investment Bank on Feb. 15, 2023.

"We believe that after our victory, the support of international partners will become even stronger. We must be ready for this, have corruption eradicated so that the rebuilding of our country is done effectively," he added.

Bernie O'Donnell, the acting Inspector General and Head of Investigations at the European Investment Bank, thanked NABU for the high level of investigations, its openness, and reliability in cooperation.

"It is very gratifying that cooperation with NABU exists not only on the paper of the Memorandum, but we see its real results. I really hope that we have been helpful to you over the years. Especially now, when significant funds have been allocated and already directed to support Ukraine, our colleagues from the senior management of the Bank and from other international institutions are inspired and feel confident when we speak of our example of fruitful long-term cooperation with the National Bureau. We hope to keep this pace and meet more often to discuss our common issues," he added.

The participants of the meeting also discussed the main challenges facing the National Bureau and the gains.

Finally, representatives of the European Investment Bank inquired about the status of cases investigated by NABU, where the Bank's funds are involved. In particular, detectives shared the results of the investigation into the EUR 22 million bribery of the mayor of Dnipro, which was recently brought to court.

In September 2018, NABU concluded a Memorandum of Understanding with the European Investment Bank to exchange information for the prevention, detection, and fight against corruption.

For reference

The European Investment Bank, a financial institution of the European Union, founded in 1958 on the basis of the Treaty of Rome, has been located in Luxembourg since 1968. The EIB is responsible for the targeted use of the funds and ensures that operations and activities that are funded do not lead to cases of fraud, corruption, conspiracy, coercion, money laundering and/or terrorist financing. According to its anti-fraud policy, the principle of "zero tolerance" is respected in such cases in the context of its operations and activities.

The Investigations Division of the Inspectorate General of the European Investment Bank (IG/IN) is conducting administrative investigations into allegations of such cases in order to establish facts and, if necessary, propose preventive or corrective measures. IG/IN also works with the Europeanedited