Italian diplomats visited NABU: Bureau's work is strategically important for Ukraine

Preservation and expansion of the detective staff, strengthening the institutional capacity of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, readiness for challenges of post-war reconstruction of the country - these and other issues were discussed during the meeting of NABU leadership with the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassadors of the Italian Republic, Pier Francesco Zazo and Davide La Cecilia.

"As an agency with special status, whose task is to fight high-level corruption, NABU is currently focused on issues related to the post-war reconstruction of the country and the risks of interference in this process by organized criminal groups involving high-ranking officials," the Director of the National Bureau noted.

Semen Kryvonos emphasized the importance of expanding the NABU and SAPO staff, the need to establish an independent expert unit and improve the existing software and technical means of the Bureau to enhance its efficiency.

The parties also discussed the possibility of anti-corruption cooperation, particularly sharing experience in combating organized crime by Italian law enforcement officials, as Italy has significant expertise in this field.

Ambassadors Pier Francesco Zazo and Davide La Cecilia expressed their support for establishing such cooperation. They believe that the success of the fight against corruption in Ukraine is an important point in providing international assistance, attracting foreign investment, and an indicator of Ukraine's fulfillment of the requirements for EU membership.

"Your work is extremely important and has strategic significance for post-war reconstruction and the EU integration. Without NABU, these processes would be impossible," said Ambassador Pier Francesco Zazo.