NABU must be ready to meet society’s demand for justice during post-war recovery of Ukraine - Semen Kryvonos

Meeting society's demand for justice, minimizing corruption risks during Ukraine's recovery, and strengthening the capacity of the National Bureau were the focal points of the speech by Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau Semen Kryvonos at the Conference on Ukraine's Recovery in London.

"For the citizens of Ukraine, our work will be confirmation that their expectations are being met. The post-war recovery will be a kind of social contract, and NABU will be the stamp that seals such a contract," said the Director of NABU.

He noted that all anti-corruption agencies face a serious challenge, as the war with Russia has intensified the sense of justice in society.

"When we win the war, when our defenders return from the front, when they return from abroad, each one will demand a different quality, different approaches, and greater transparency," added Semen Kryvonos.

He also emphasized that the NABU team is preparing for a significant increase in workload and is already implementing measures for digitization and process optimization, expanding the number of detectives, and establishing a forensic institution within the Bureau.


The Conference on Ukraine's Recovery, jointly organized by the United Kingdom and Ukraine in London, is a continuation of a series of events, the latest of which was held in Lugano, Switzerland, in partnership with Ukraine. It is dedicated to Ukraine's transformation and was symbolically launched in London in 2017 as the Ukraine Reform Conference. The conference focuses on mobilising international support for Ukraine's economic and social stabilisation and recovery from the effects of war.