On two fronts: NABU's deliverables in the first half of 2022

The first half of 2022 saw the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine fighting on two fronts - against top corruption and russian occupiers. The period became one of the most difficult in terms of challenges faced by the Bureau staff in the conditions of a full-scale invasion of the enemy.

At the beginning of the year, NABU's work was marked by a number of successful operations: during the first two months, the NABU Detectives exposed high-level corruption involving a Ukrainian MP, a Deputy of the Kyiv City Council, and officials of the Prosecutor General's Office. In addition, the investigation into the embezzlement of UAH 26.8 million from the Mykolaiv city budget during the reconstruction of Soborna Square and the embezzlement of UAH 115.19 million from the municipal association "Kyivzelenbud" was completed. Cases regarding the embezzlement of UAH 131 million by officials of the Odesa City Hall and a scheme that resulted in UAH 93 million losses to Ukrazaliznytsia were referred to the High Anti-Corruption Court.

After February 24, the National Bureau took comprehensive measures to maintain stable operation; not a single criminal proceeding was lost. NABU continued the fight against top corruption: soon after the beginning of the invasion, the NABU Detectives exposed frauds with PCR tests and reverse vending machines, and completed the investigation into the embezzlement of UAH 4.7 billion from Real Bank PJSC, corruption schemes at Ukrtelefilm and Derzhinformiust state-owned enterprises.

A total of 163 investigations were initiated over the first six months of the year, 38 persons were notified of suspicion, 20 indictments were sent to court. 61 persons faced trial, including the Head of the Kyiv District Administrative Court and his Deputies accused of attempted seizure of state power; the ex-National Police officer charged with receiving UAH 1 million in undue advantage; the Head of the structural pision of the Ministry of Defense, who requested UAH 24 million to ensure the necessary results of MoD's audit.

The economic effect of NABU and SAPO work in the second half of the year made UAH 1.5 billion, while the total amount of refunds for seven years makes - UAH 4.55 billion.

Besides fighting on the anti-corruption front, NABU personnel also got involved in activities to approach Ukraine's victory in the all-out war unleashed by russia.

The Detectives of the National Bureau registered more than ten criminal proceedings on the facts of torture, abuse, and murder of civilians in the Kyiv region and prosecuted a number of russian servicemen. Among other achievements in repulsing the armed aggression of the russian federation, NABU can boast getting more than 35 confirmed facts of the destruction of enemy equipment and manpower, in particular thanks to the adjustment of the artillery fire of the Armed Forces, detaining more than 50 persons and handing them over to the SSU, providing over 12,000 reports to Ukraine's Defence Intelligence for further use by the military, removing units of the Armed Forces from the threat of shelling.

Part of the National Bureau team, on their own initiative, joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and are taking part in hostilities. For their significant contribution to the fight against the enemy, the President of Ukraine awarded seven NABU employees with the highest state awards.

The information work was no less important in the context of confronting the aggressor. Thanks to the support of the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative, facts about the war in Ukraine were brought to the attention of leading lawyers during the World Justice Forum in The Hague, the Netherlands. Participation in this international event, which brings together representatives from 116 countries and international organizations, was due to a special distinction of the All-Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Moot Court, launched with the support of NABU and the EUACI. The stand with the Ukrainian project became one of the most visited during the event.

Finally, despite all the challenges, NABU continues to perform its work efficiently. To preserve this, in particular, a fair and transparent competition to elect a new NABU Director should be held as soon as possible. This step is also crucial for Ukraine's getting closer to obtaining the status of a European Union member state.

The fight goes on!