Investigative interviewing: NABU detectives share their experience

Detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine will train colleagues from other law enforcement agencies to apply investigative interviewing techniques.

"Investigative interviewing is based on a scientific approach and is recognized as basic in international practice. The National Bureau has also been using the method for a while, and it proves effective in obtaining reliable and complete information from the interrogated," said Volodymyr Vasylchuk, head of NABU’s Detective Unit. He and his fellow detectives Serhii Rokun, Pavlo Yershov and Vitalii Kabaiev became the course trainers.

Following the course, the Investigative Interviewing Standards will be presented in co-authorship with detectives, which are based on six fundamental principles of effective investigation and information gathering.

"These principles are a modern, systematized, global quality standard for conducting an interrogation (interview), which helps avoid human rights violations and make the investigation of crimes more effective," said Serhii Rokun, head of NABU’s Detective Unit.

The "Investigative interviewing. Basic" training course was developed by JustLearn, JustGroup’s professional development and experience sharing program for criminal justice practitioners, and the Prosecutor`s Training Center of Ukraine with the support of the Human Rights and Justice Program of the International Renaissance Foundation. The experience of NABU detectives in applying this advanced interrogation technique was analyzed and formed the basis of the course, which started on Oct. 27, 2022. 25 prosecutors attended the first stage of the course. The next stage is scheduled for December.