"From corruption report to sentence": NABU and TI Ukraine launch new educational series

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine and Transparency International Ukraine, with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation, have presented an educational series about the fight against corruption. It was titled "From corruption report to sentence" and launched via the National Digital Literacy Platform "Diia: Digital Education".

Svitlana Olifira, Head of the NABU External Communications Department, noted that the National Bureau is often approached with corruption reports that are beyond NABU’s jurisdiction. However, these cases still influence people`s lives so the series can help understand how to act in every particular case. “The series was created in order to explain what kind of corruption the National Bureau investigates. Consequently, people will know whom to contact in a particular case and won’t give up in the fight against corruption, as this is our common cause".

The educational series will help you understand the work of anti-corruption agencies and learn how to protect your rights when faced with corruption. "From corruption report to sentence" consists of 5 parts telling you in an interactive manner how to better understand the work of the National Bureau and learn about the difference between the SBU, NACP, SAPO, and the HAAC.

Viktoriia Karpinska, head of the Communications Department of Transparency International Ukraine, noted that the organization has been monitoring the activities of the National Bureau from the very day of its foundation. “All this time, we came across the same questions about NABU’s work, other anti-corruption institutions, and the peculiarities behind the investigation of corruption crimes as a whole. From now on, representatives of civil society, government officials, students of law and other faculties, and all those interested will be able to take this course and find answers to these questions."

The series uses a special approach - the case study method that combines real-life examples combined with profound explanations and comments from experts. After completing the course, each person will receive a certificate with ECTS credits.

“The educational series is designed to clearly show how a corruption report is being processed. The plot, which employs real-life situations, will help people learn whom to address if their rights are infringed, what crimes fall under the jurisdiction of the police, SBU and NABU. Together with the main character, each one will go the path from correct compiling of a report, crime registration and investigation to trial", said Valeria Ionan, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for European Integration.

The series was created by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine and Transparency International Ukraine, with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation. You can watch it on the National Digital Literacy Platform "Diia: Digital Education": https://osvita.diia.gov.ua/courses/from-statement-to-sentence.