NABU strengths effectiveness of investigations of cryptocurrencies crimes working with British partners

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau became the first law enforcement body in Ukraine to digitize pretrial investigations and implement best IT practices to improve its efficiency.

Thus, in December 2021, NABU Detectives and SAPO Prosecutors entered the first criminal proceeding in eCase Management System – an interagency system of electronic criminal proceedings. eCase MS will help to gradually move paper-based pre-trial criminal proceedings, jointly conducted by the National Bureau, the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, and the High Anti-Corruption Court, to the electronic format.

An important step in improving the effectiveness of top-corruption investigations is to strengthen the National Bureau's capacity to investigate cryptocurrency crimes. This was made possible by close cooperation with the British colleagues.

In accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding signed between NABU and The National Crime Agency (NCA) in April 2021, the NCA is assisting NABU to develop new tools and skills to track funds obtained as a result of bribes or embezzled from the Ukrainian state budget. Inpiduals who receive illicit funds take various steps to hide and launder them. The effective identification, analysis and investigation of virtual currencies and assets will help NABU expose corrupt public officials and those who support them in Ukraine, abroad and now in the virtual sphere.

It is not enough to make progress in the fight against corruption just by upgrading the technical support, so NABU Detectives are constantly improving their skills. In 2021, Bureau staff attended 65 trainings on anti-corruption and money laundering.