NABU leadership visits Poland's CBA to boost international anti-corruption infrastructure

The continuation of years-long cooperation and the strengthening of international anti-corruption infrastructure were the topics of the first official meeting between the Director of NABU, Semen Kryvonos, and the newly appointed leadership of the Central Anticorruption Bureau of the Republic of Poland (CBA).

The parties focused on increasing the efficiency of investigating transnational corruption crimes, exchanging experiences and modern practices.

Speaking on the perspective launch of a NABU-based training center, representatives of the CBA shared their successful experience in establishing such an institution and organizing the training process.

The parties also discussed arranging training sessions for NABU employees in criminal analysis, financial and telecommunications data analysis, and OSINT.

The CBA became the first law enforcement agency with which NABU established interagency cooperation. Since 2016, NABU and CBA employees have implemented a series of anti-corruption investigations, the loudest being the exposure in 2021 of a criminal group led by the former acting head of the State Road Agency of Ukraine.

This was the first case in Ukraine's history where an especially severe corruption crime was exposed through the efforts of an international joint investigative group.