U.S. is keeping eye on NABU, SAPO's work — results of meeting with P. Pritzker

The United States provides comprehensive support for anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine, as the volume and speed of investment in the country's recovery are contingent on the effectiveness of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office.

This was a topic of the meeting of the Director of NABU, Semen Kryvonos, and the head of SAPO, Oleksandr Klymenko, with the U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine's Economic Recovery, Penny Pritzker. The meeting was also attended by the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Bridget Brink, and the Senior Advisor to the U.S. Secretary of State, Ned Price.

Another topic was the risks and challenges faced by NABU and SAPO. Semen Kryvonos and Oleksandr Klymenko dwelled on the legislative initiatives necessary for yet more effective operation of the anti-corruption institutions. This includes expanding the staff of the Bureau by 300 employees, in particular, to strengthen NABU's presence in the regions, establishing an autonomous forensic institution, and implementing NABU's right to independent wiretapping. They also emphasized the need to repeal the so-called "Lozovyi amendments," improve the extradition mechanism, and enhance the institutional capacity of NABU and SAPO as a whole.

In September, U.S. President Joe Biden appointed Penny Pritzker as the Special Representative for Ukraine's Economic Recovery. In this role, Penny Pritzker will work with the Ukrainian government, the G7, the EU, international financial institutions, international partners, and the American private sector.