UAH 147 million was refunded to the State within NABU cases from the beginning of 2020

Due to the work of the Detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine during January-April 2020, UAH 147 million was returned to the State.

The funds were refunded by the following ways:

  • almost UAH 80 million was returned to “Zaporizhzhiaoblenergo” OJSC (60% state owner);
  • a part of the bail in the amount of UAH 65.54 million paid by 3 suspects involved in corruption crimes, was confiscated;
  • over UAH 1.65 million was returned due to the NABU investigation as of illegal compensations to the Members of Parliament;
  • UAH 400 thousand was returned to the "Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority" (USPA) SE after the NABU Detectives started an investigation as of causing UAH 2.49 million losses to the USPA.

NABU obtained evidence of violations in the settlement of electricity under debt transfer agreements and credits of UAH 880 million between “Zaporizhzhiaoblenergo” OJSC, "Zaporizhzhya Ferroalloy Plant" OJSC and "HC Energomerezha" PJSC and other companies.

The investigation revealed that the agreements were concluded contrary to the requirements of the law. As a result, private companies received funds paid by consumers for electricity of “Zaporizhzhiaoblenergo” OJSC (60% state-owned). According to the NABU claims, the court declared the agreements on debt transfer invalid.

Based on the court decision, “Zaporizhzhiaoblenergo” filed a lawsuit on recovering the debt. As a result, UAH 79.5 million was returned to enterprise in 2020, and in total – UAH 356 million.

In April 2020, NABU and SAPO proved in court the facts of violations by a suspect of the obligations imposed by the court. The half of the bail in the amount of UAH 35 million paid by him was recovered to the State.

The court made a similar decision in relation of two suspects in UAH 81 million misappropriation of the National Guard property. The suspects recovered UAH 30.54 million to the State.

In addition, the NABU Detectives check the facts on receiving about UAH 11 million of illegal compensation for rental housing by former MPs. The NABU Detectives revealed that each of them, based on the submitted applications to the Office of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, illegally received from UAH 30 thousand to UAH 1 million for the house rent. However, they actually own real estate in Kyiv or near it (up to 30 km from Kyiv city). During the first months of 2020, the former MPs had already refunded illegally received UAH 1.5 million.

Thus, the total amount of returned funds within the NABU pre-trial investigations exceeds UAH 700 million.

In addition, UAH 8.5 billion is the amount of agreements declared invalid according to the NABU lawsuits. Those decisions came into legal force. That allows SEs to begin appropriate work on the return of stolen funds - following the example of “Zaporizhzhiaoblenergo” OJSC.