NABU helps draw a line in Dnipro airport case

Based on NABU's files, a private company has been stripped of the right to operate the Dnipro airport. The decision was made by the Dnipropetrovsk Administrative Court of Appeals. It took effect on Feb. 2, 2023.

In September 2021, the Dnipro City Council filed a lawsuit to revoke the certificate of the airport operator, which had an exclusive right of granting permission to airlines to operate flights. This resulted in a single private airline, linked to the operator, doing flights for ten years and mainly towards Kyiv.

Moreover, the state planned to allocate about UAH 10 billion for the construction of a new runway. If the certificate had remained valid, the same single airline would have taken advantage of this improvement.

In the fall of 2022, NABU entered the court process as a third party and provided files, which the court took into account and canceled the operation right. These materials are part of the fact-finding investigation into the legality of the airport's alienation in favor of third parties.

Thanks to the court's decision, the airport will have a new operator chosen through an open competition.

As previously reported, in September 2022, the Dnipro District Administrative Court invalidated the right of a private company to operate the Dnipro Airport.