NABU increases the pace of investigations despite the war - Gizo Uglava

Despite the objective difficulties in conducting investigations under martial law, NABU and SAPO have not stopped their work and are stepping up the pace. This was noted by acting NABU Director Gizo Uglava during this year's International Anti-Corruption Conference in Washington, Dec. 6, 2022.

"Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, NABU has been working on two fronts: helping resist external aggression and cleaning the country of corruption from the inside. We haven't lost a single criminal case and continue to bring the culprits to justice. This became possible thanks to the support of Ukrainians, as well as the assistance of international partners," Gizo Uglava noted.

During this year, detectives and prosecutors have brought more than 150 people to justice, referred more than 40 cases to court. More than 20 prison sentences have been passed by the High Anti-Corruption Court.

According to Gizo Uglava, despite russia's aggression, anti-corruption reforms are ongoing in Ukraine - SAPO got a new head, the contest for a new NABU director has started, and the appointment of members of the Supreme Council of Justice is underway.

"However, after the victory, we will face another challenge - the restoration of the country, which must be done transparently and free of corruption. I believe that Ukraine's restoration will be the marker that will prove Ukraine is not only effectively fighting against russian aggression, but also showing zero tolerance to corruption," he added.


The world's largest anti-corruption conference IACC 2022 is taking place in Washington, December 6 - 10. One of its main topics is helping restore Ukraine transparently and without corruption.

About 1,500 experts, world leaders, representatives of civil society, business, and investigative journalists from 140 countries discuss the most pressing issues and anti-corruption safeguards, in particular regarding the reconstruction of Ukraine.