NABU has signed Memorandum of Understanding with the FBI

For strengthening the existing cooperation, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (International Corruption Unit) have signed the Memorandum of Understanding. This document establishes the parties’ joint work on crimes related to international money laundering, international asset recovery, and Ukrainian high-level officials’ bribery and corruption.


At the meeting with the FBI colleagues, the NABU Director pointed out that he sees three possible ways the FBI can support the Bureau, namely the possibility of receiving the operative information on USD flows distribution , experience sharing on the operative and technical work and the work of undercover specialists, possibility of providing the NABU pisions with material and technical support.


The FBI Acting Deputy Assistant Director Mathew S. Moon emphasized that the international cooperation can significantly facilitate the work of the law enforcement agencies. 


“If, for instance, your criminal proceeding has the accordant proceedings in the US, you can give us the numbers of the bank accounts and it will be the reason for us to issue a notice of suspicion for a person and receive the necessary information much faster. Thus, our mutual understanding will positively influence our work,” stressed Mr. Moon.


The NABU head and the FBI representatives came to the agreement that the parties will exchange the information and cooperate in the spheres of mutual interest. The FBI is going to train detectives; they will also send an invitation letter for one NABU specialist to complete a 9-week-course at the FBI National Academy, where representatives of the law enforcement agencies from more than 50 states study. 


Artem Sytnyk thanked the FBI representatives for previously conducted trainings and for the new equipment for the Bureau.


“I`m sure that on having signed the Memorandum we strengthen our cooperation,” pointed out the NABU Director. 


The Memorandum of Understanding is valid for a year since the date of signing. 


It should be reminded that the agreement on cooperation between the NABU and the FBI in the sphere of collegial investigation was reached during the NABU Director`s working visit to Washington.