The NABU will cooperate with Europol while investigating cross-border corruption offenses

Cooperation with Europol (the European Police Office) is one of the NABU’s priorities. Success of many criminal proceedings depends on effective cooperation between the Bureau and the anti-corruption and law enforcement bodies of other states. This was pointed out by NABU Director Artem Sytnyk.


During the training “Coordination and cooperation with Europol in criminal proceedings” organized by the European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) Ukraine for the NABU’s detectives, prosecutors of the Special Anti-corrution Procesucor’s Office (SAPO) and the Ministry of internal affairs officers, Artem Sytnyk mentioned that while investigating criminal proceedings, the NABU often has to contact foreign institutions. It is difficult to trace money flows and investigate corruption schemes without their support.


The EUAM Senior Anti-Corruption Adviser Clemens Mueller stressed that from now on the NABU gains a possibility of creating the joint investigative teams with Europol, which is a powerful tool for investigating cross-border crimes.


“The main issue of today’s training agenda is a creation of joint investigation teams. Such cooperation may help the NABU and the SAPO to bring the investigation process up to a new level. Also signing of the Operational Agreement between Ukraine and Europol is anticipated till the end of the year”, emphasized Mr. Mueller.


Artem Sytnyk expressed gratitude to the European partners for their support in conducting trainings and organizing overseas working visits as well as for their logistical support.


It should be reminded that recently the NABU and EUAM have signed the Memorandum of Understanding. Earlier during the working visit, organized by EUAM, the NABU and the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau of Poland have also signed the Memorandum of Understanding.