NABU trains young people to fight corruption professionally

Over the three months course, the law students, participants of the "Webinar with a Detective" project, learned about the peculiarities of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine during the top-corruption investigation.

"This project is a unique opportunity to personally communicate with NABU detectives both for students and university staff. This not only enriched the student's knowledge but also helped to define priorities in future professional activities," said Tetyana Kolomoets, dean of the Faculty of Law of Zaporizhzhya National University.

The National Bureau in partnership with the Faculty of Law of Zaporizhzhya National University carried out the raising awareness project “Webinar with a Detective" in the period from February 16 to May 11, 2023. More than 1,200 law students took part in it. During 12 online meetings, NABU detectives and analysts told young people about:

  • seizure of property, special confiscation, and its difference from ordinary confiscation;
  • stages and problems of conducting a search, features of searches during martial law;
  • OSINT — the technology for obtaining information and collecting evidence using open registers and databases;
  • types of secret  investigative (search) actions and their application during the top corruption investigation: stages, deadlines, and documents;
  • temporary and indefinite preventive measures, risks of their application in the pre-trial investigation;
  • the potential of the investigative interview in the pre-trial investigation, its effectiveness for the completeness and truthfulness of the collected information;
  • the digital future of criminal justice and the benefits provided by the eCase MS pre-trial investigation system.

NABU implements raising awareness projects in the format of webinars not for the first time. Thus, "Detective Stories" took place in cooperation with the Online Law School, and "Detective Studies" became a joint project with the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University.