NABU and the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Serbia will strengthen cooperation

On November 29, 2018, in order to strengthen interagency cooperation, the delegation of the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Serbia (ACA) visited the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU).



Among members of the delegation, there were the ACA Director Dragan Sikimić and the Heads of the Agencies' structural subpisions. Serbian delegation learned about the structure, authority and jurisdiction of the NABU. Also they were informed on the peculiarities of the work of the Information Processing and Analysis Department, whose Detectives, among other tasks, analyze the officials’ e-declarations.

In its turn, the Serbian Delegation informed on the main activities of the ACA. During the meeting with the NABU Director Artem Sytnyk, the parties compared the systems of anti-corruption authorities in Ukraine and Serbia, and agreed on further cooperation.

For reference
The Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Serbia, as an autonomous and independent state authority with numerous powers of prevention, control and supervision, commenced its work in 2010 in accordance with the UN Convention and the GRECO Special Recommendations. The ACA bodies are the Board of 9 persons representing different branches of government and the Director. The term of office of a member of the Board is four years, the Director has a five-year mandate. The structure of ACA includes: Department for Oversight of Officials’ Assets and Incomes, Department for Oversight of Financing Political Activities, Department for Resolving Conflicts of Interest, Department for International Cooperation, General Affairs Division and IT Group.