NABU shares anti-corruption experience with European colleagues

Strengthening cooperation among anti-corruption institutions through Europol tools, developing a robust whistleblower protection system, exchanging best practices for detecting corruption in the public sector, and digitizing public services are the main recommendations of the annual EPAC/EACN* declaration.



The declaration was adopted at the 20th EPAC/EACN Annual Professional Conference and General Assembly held in Vilnius (Republic of Lithuania) on Dec. 1-2, 2021. The National Bureau, which is an EPAC member since 2015, is on the list of countries that voted for the document.

First Deputy Director Gizo Uglava and the Head of the International Legal Unit of the Legal Department Oleksandr Tomieiev represented the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine at the event.

The participants discussed the results of 20 years of anti-corruption work. In particular, they welcomed the establishment in 2021 of the European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO) and the Europol Financial and Economic Crime Center (EFECC).

The event brought together 120 participants from 29 European countries, representing 54 institutions. The Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania, which the National Bureau has been cooperating with since 2016, organized the conference.


*EPAC/EACN — the European Partners against Corruption and European contact-point network against corruption.